The next steps: considering the implementation of a case-based interprofessional education model in practice education
— Mairead Cahill, University of Limerick

Presentation Summary: Healthcare workers are increasingly being called upon to work collaboratively in practise to improve patient care and it seems imperative that interprofessional working should be mirrored in student education, especially during placements. This abstract describes the process and the educational outcomes of a client-centered, case-based model of interprofessional education in practice placement sites. Evaluation of this model of education resulted in suggestions for services to consider the implementation of similar projects and concluded that interprofessional education in the clinical setting, using the client-centered MAGPIE model could provide a strong foundation for enhanced learning in practice education contexts. Recent curricular changes at the Department of Clinical Therapies at the University of Limerick that have resulted in placement alignment across disciplines offering opportunities for the university's practice education teams to resume implementation of this model in the midwest area in the upcoming academic year.

Mairead Cahill is the Practice Education Coordinator at the Department of Clinical Therapies at the University of Limerick. Her research interests include interprofessional education and collaborative models of practice education.

Evaluating an online, values-based decision-making interprofessional learning programme in pre-registration health and social care students
— Dr. Heike Felzmann, NUI Galway

Presentation Summary: This initiative was a six week online interprofessional learning (IPL) programme focusing on values-based decision making in ethically problematic health care situations, designed to promote collaborative practice. 166 students from five pre-registration health and social care courses, namely nursing, medicine, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and social care at NUI Galway consented to enroll in the programme and have their data analysed for research purposes. Over the six weeks of the programme, students were presented with a total of six case scenarios which they worked on collaboratively within their IPL group. The educational model underpinning the programme draws on several pedagogical approaches including student-centred learning, problem and group-based learning as well as self-directed engagement. The programme utilises a range of interactive learning tools which allows students to work collaboratively to solve problems in a context specifically designed to make judgments transparent.

Dr. Heike Felzmann is a lecturer in Ethics in the School of Humanities, a researcher at the Centre of Bioethical Research & Analysis and an associate member of the Insight Data Analytics Institute at NUI Galway. Her research interests include the ethical conduct of research and professional practice in health care, social science and novel ICT technologies.

An evaluation of the clinical interprofessional learning experience for trainee general practitioners in an academic urban minor injury unit with advanced nurse practitioners
— Julie O Driscoll MSc RANP/RNP Bernadette Carpenter MEd, RANP/RNP

Presentation Summary: The establishment of an academic urban minor injury unit commenced in 2010, to serve the minor injury population, in a bid to improve waiting times in an overcrowded, busy emergency department. In 2011, general practitioner (GP) trainees commenced a clinical rotation through the unit focusing upon minor injury assessment, treatment and care. To date, ten GP trainees have availed of the training scheme and this case study sought to explore their interprofessional learning experience and the clinical learning experiences of the trainees who rotated through an urban minor injury unit, facilitated by registered advanced nurse practitioners. The findings will give a sense of the effect of this experience as the GP trainees reflected on the impact of this interprofessional learning programme.



Professor Laserina O'Connor PHD, RANP, RNP, is Professor of Clinical Nursing UCD Mater University Hospital and St Vincents Hospital Cora O'Connor MSc RANP/RNP, Bernadette Carpenter MEd, RANP/RNP and Julie O'Driscoll MSc RANP/RNP are registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners in a busy inner city emergency department and provide care to the minor injury/illness patient across two sites.